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ACI World Wide is the international air express distribution company, which obtained license for commercial document delivery business from the Ministry of Construction and Transportation in 1980. Since then, ACI has played a leading role in export/import business, contributing much to national economic development as a Korean company, rather than the Korean branch of multinational company for 24 years.

In Korean market, international air express service has been available from foreign companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT as well as Korean company such as Central Post Office providing EMS service at low rate None of them, however, has successfully provided satisfactory service in terms of accuracy, exact delivery and delivery certificate

ACI World Wide has opened 30 branches in major cities of the world and provided best services at reasonable price through its 100 or more agencies. Experience the best service in terms of fast delivery (1 day earlier) and track of delivery in Internet.
The time has changed and unconditional preference on foreign products or service is over now. Korean people and product is highly recognized throughout the world.

ACI World Wide provides one day faster service than other foreign companies with prompt, accurate and safe delivery service of your import/export cargo. In particular, you can experience satisfactory for your cargo to and from New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, major cities of China, Jakarta, Dubai, Dhaka, Sydney, Johannesburg, Hochimin, Bombay and Frankfurt.

ACI World Wide is your partner that provides one day faster service than other company, and promises to contribute to your development by reducing distribution cost and raising your credit with prompt, accurate and safe international air express service.

Experience ACI World Wide service. All employees at ACI World Wide will make our best efforts for your satisfaction.
You can check delivery certificate at our website at www.aciexpress.net.


ACI Express (UK) Ltd Unit 14/15 Phoenix Distrbution Park, Phonenix Way, Heston, Middlesex, TW5 9NB
Tel: ++44 208 759 0200 Fax: ++44 208 759 2600 Email: info@acieexpress.co.uk